About Us

We are team of skilled professionals come up with dream of having access fresh and clean food for all by shifting the focus from mass production to production by the masses.


Building network among all agriculture industry to manage resources more efficiently. Take a part in trading and production activities to provide quality food to society. Promote collective farming, innovative techniques and balanced production plan knowingly market requirement.


Advancing the way of farming, creating farmers owned market and set the benchmark by achieving high status to Indian farmers in Global Agriculture.

Why Farmplex Was Born

Current Demand for quality, residue free, organic and local foods is growing faster than supply and available agriculture infrastructure. We spoke with some of the best minds in agriculture, biodiversity, sustainable energy, farmers, government officials, and input providers in the industry trying to understand what was needed and what could be done better. This is where we come into picture and started to find out optimal solutions for the betterment of society.

In modern era, we need to shift our way of doing and perception about agriculture. Considering future food requirement, we should focus on capacity building and own market. We are creating parallel lines in market and production which will help to have win-win situation for producer and consumer. We are building growing community for the self-sufficiency and promote local economies.