Farmplex Private Limited

We believe farming is primary need & noble profession to do.

Who We Are

We are team of people who want to make agriculture profession from primary to premium category. In modern era, we need to shift our way of doing and perception about agriculture. Considering future food requirement, we should focus on capacity building and own market. We are creating parallel lines in market and production which will help to have win-win situation for producer, trader and consumer.


Building network among all agriculture industry to manage resources more efficiently. Take a part in trading and production activities to provide quality food to society. Promote collective farming, innovative techniques and balanced production plan knowingly market requirement.


Advancing the way of farming, creating farmers owned market and set the benchmark by achieving high status to Indian farmers in Global Agriculture.

Our Presence

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Our Products

Hydroponically Grown Exotic Vegetables

We are leading supplier of hydroponically grown vegetables like Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Capsicum, Cucumber, Lettuce Mix, Herbs and many more. All these products are 100% residue free, highest in nutrition and deliciously fresh.

Grain and Pulses

Procured from Mahila Bachat Gat especially from drought areas to empower farmer and giving market to their produce.
We are leading provider to supply unpolished, healthy and nutritious grain and pulses to our consumers.


Farmplex provides a scalable agriculture market, infrastructure solutions, innovative techniques , storage facility and right price to modernize community driven farming in a cost effective and sustainable way. We help to build modern clean technologies to make it more efficient, less wasteful and more productive. We are looking forward to build local market for producer and having access for fresh produce to our consumers. Agribusiness can be powerful agent for environment friendly change. We believe skilled professionals in farming business can solve problems, increase efficiency and cultivate lively healthy communities while making a profit.

We’ve gone to great lengths to build market, source only quality produce which is healthy for consumption, no residue and beyond organic. We have developed partnerships with industry leaders to have sustainable market, online portals, data driven customer trend and spreading awareness to create our brand value. Data driven access to consumer and trend in consumption pattern help us to introduce more quality product to develop our portfolio and customer base. We are looking for partners to being a part of this revolutionary period in Indian Agriculture. Our partners will increase business in organized way for sustainable future.

We are in wide range of products and services related to agriculture. If you are keen to know more about our services and want to be part of it, you can register your name with particular service. Our representative will connect with you as soon as possible. For those who want to be partner with us related to hydroponics, FPO’s – write us directly on or call us 9168695344